Powering the next generation batteries and beyond

We produce custom high nickel cathode materials to meet your needs.

As the electrification of the automotive industry speeds up, we deliver state of the art technologies to meet the industry’s high quality standards.

To help our customers to step up the EV transition, we will be working on our research and development of lower cost/higher performance, ultra high energy density battery materials to serve innovative solutions for a brighter future.

Next generation battery materials as the key to the transition to battery electric vehicles

We work on AI assisted research and development of next generation battery materials. With our expertise in application of machine learning in material science, we are developing low cobalt/high nickel lithium cathode materials.

Cathode determines the type of a lithium battery and is the limiting factor for nickel based batteries. Further improvement in battery performance is possible through AI assisted custom high nickel cathode materials with increased charge rate, charge to discharge ratio, tap density or any other specifications.

By our unique computer controlled digital reactor farm, we numerize synthesis parameters and output specifications for the machine learning algorithm we have been developing.

Custom cathodes for your product range

Custom Nickel Hydroxide for NiMH, NiZn, NiCd cells,

Custom NMC 622, 811, NCA for lithium ion cells

Keiretsu Forum

We have received support of new investors and funding through Keiretsu Forum for producing the next generation battery material.

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We produce custom high nickel cathode materials to meet your needs.

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We produce custom high nickel cathode materials to meet your needs.

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